By way of introduction

18.01.19 Hi world. Or, no one.

Thank you for stumbling across this blog. I know the world doesn’t need any more blogs, or self indulgent individuals thinking their ideas and views are unique or interesting. But, this blog has niggled away at me for a while, so I’m doing it. So let me introduce what this is all about.

I have an ongoing desire to do stand up. Well, to do stand up regularly. For some quick personal context, I am British, but living in Australia. I’m 30 years old, 31 this year. I work in public relations, play squash, make pizza dough.

When living in London in 2015-16, I gave stand up a go. Three times. Three open mic nights. I enjoyed it. But, on reflection, I didn’t really do it. I didn’t really write any jokes, per se. Rather I just told tried and tested stories from the pub, ones that I’ve told a million times, that were crass and meaningless, and I drew cheap laughs and held people’s attention for five minutes without blowing anyone away.

Then when I moved to Sydney, I determined to start writing ‘bits’. Trying to write jokes with meaning, one that tie together with a conceptual or thematic through line. I’ve done two open mic gigs in two years, and spent the rest of my time feeling both guilty for not doing more, and ambitious that I will actually do more. I spoke to my partner about it, and she was very encouraging. I told my friends about it – or rather, bragged – that I was writing jokes in the evening. But I wasn’t following through. Then it hit me. If I’m going to do this, I just need to get on with it, and not involve anyone else. I need to do it in secret, and get on with it. Do it on my own terms, only. I have a tendency to involve everyone in my ambitions and plans, no matter how nascent. And this holds me to account in a higher pressure way. And this was born.

So, I decided in 2019, I am going to complete 50 stand up shows in 1 year, and keep this blog updated with my progress. This includes jokes and bits I am writing, the venues I go to, interactions with other budding comics, reviews of my own performances. The whole lot. I’ll also be recording my sets (as best I can), and posting them, so they are recorded, and I can see how the bits I write on here translate in real life. I am hoping that other aspiring comics find my experience of breaking through the apathy boundary, and see me failing joyfully, of comfort, and encouraging to start. Otherwise, I’m hoping you all enjoy the read.

I’ll try to post as often as I can, but at the very least once a week.

Until then,